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Captain's Meeting

September 27, 2024

Captains of each team will meet the day before the tournament to discuss rules and regulations.



September 28, 2024

Save the date for the
2024 Anglers for a Cure
Annual Inshore Slam.

Tournament Info

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New Trout Rule


  1. It is the responsibility of all participants to read the tournament rules included herein, and to agree to all items before entering. 

  2. The participant entry fee is not refundable under any circumstances.

  3. All powerboats must have a minimum of $100,000 boaters' liability insurance. This is the responsibility of the user/owner.

  4. Any person(s) under the age of 16 must be teammates with an adult at least 18 years of age. Person(s) under the age of 16 must have a signed consent on the tournament entry form by a parent/legal guardian.

  5. All participants must have in their possession a physical copy of a valid fishing license. It is the responsibility of each angler to abide by all applicable federal, state and local laws. AFC and its partners will not be responsible for an individual operating outside the law. 

  6. Any fish which fails to satisfy legal size requirements will not be accepted at tournament weigh in. AFC supports catch-and-release fishing. Any team weighing a dead fish will have a 1.5lb penalty applied to that fish. This does not apply to the sheepshead category. Fish must be brought to the scales in an acceptable (watertight) weigh bag. It is the responsibility of each angler to ensure that his or her catch is 100 percent legal and satisfies all applicable laws and regulations. AFC will not be responsible for anyone who fails to comply with federal, state and local laws.

  7. Sportsmens Package Anglers: Teams will only be permitted to weigh one fish of each species per person aboard vessel. A sportsman team member can therefore only hold one place in the standings for each species category.

  8. Teams in any category may enter additional classes, the only exclusive events are the inshore slam and sportsman package. For instance, Sportsman package anglers may not also enter the inshore slam. However, a Sportsmen package or Slam angler may also enter individually into the Mystery fish or Junior Angler category.

  9. Safe and lawful boating must be observed at all times. All participants must wear a fastened US Coast Guard approved personal flotation device any time the combustion engine is in operation. All boats must be equipped with an emergency ignition shutoff device which must remain securely attached to the operator at any time the boat is underway. Tournament hours can be modified at any time by tournament directors due to weather and unsafe conditions.

  10. The primary tournament category is an inshore slam fished by one or two man teams. The species which make up an inshore slam are: redfish, speckled sea trout and flounder. Results will be determined by the combined weight of the team's three fish. A team with all three species will always place above a team with only one or two, regardless of combined weight. 

  11. All fish must be caught alive in a conventional sporting manner. Teams may use live or artificial baits. Chumming is strictly prohibited. Fishing within 100 yards of another boat that is chumming is strictly prohibited. Only one fishing rod per angler is permitted at any one time. Failure to comply with any of these rules will result in immediate disqualification from the event.

  12. Teams may fish in any tournament waters accessible to the public except those designated by local laws as off limits by local, state or federal officials. All fishing must be done from inside the boat. No wading for any purpose is permitted. No tournament craft is permitted to fish past the threshold of any local inlet of jetty. Teams must leave and return to the tournament checkpoint by boat. No tournament boat is to be loaded on the trailer prior to weigh in, unless otherwise directed by tournament officials. During tournament hours, no boat is allowed assistance of the non-emergency nature by another vessel or fisherman.

  13. Tournament hours are from 5:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., unless adjusted by tournament directors for safety purposes. Official tournament state time will be given at the Captain's Meeting. Teams will not be allowed to weigh fish under any circumstance after 3:00 p.m.

  14. Under the event of mechanical failure, contestants are permitted two options to return to the ramp without disqualification from the event. (A) Both team members remaining in the boat and being towed by water. (B) One team member entering the boat of another tournament registered boat and returning to the tournament site, this can only be done without penalty if tournament officials are notified beforehand.

Kayak Event

  1. Kayak competition will consist of individual categories for Redfish, Trout, and Flounder. Tournament prize structure and specifics will be discussed at the captains meeting.

  2. SCORING. The event uses catch-photo-release scoring determined by the length of each fish. Each angler will be issued a uniform measuring device along with an “identifier” piece that is unique to the tournament. The first photo on the camera must be of your rigged boat as put in at launch with measuring device and scoring marker visible. Fish must be photographed in or on the boat, on the provided measure, clearly showing the length of the fish with the scoring marker visible. More than one photo of a fish may be taken. Length is determined from the forward-most point of the fish to the natural un-pinched top of the tail. Fish must be above FWC minimums to count – reds may be above the slot limit. In the event of a tie the entry checked in earliest will be declared the winner. The judging committee will review the photos to verify reported results and determine place winners. The tournament director is responsible for the final call in all matters.

  3. The model of camera used is not important. However, the quality must be more than adequate for the ruler to be visible and readable. Also, all cameras/ smartphones must be capable of uploading the images to a larger screen (laptop) for viewing if necessary.

  4. PERMITTED FISHING METHODS. All fish must be caught via hook and line. The selection of baits is up to the discretion of the participant. All fish must be caught from the kayak. No wade fishing or shore fishing is permitted unless the kayak is tethered to the angler. All rod holders with rods being fished must be on the kayak or the angler.

  5. NO MOTORS. The use of a boat or motorized water vehicle to transport your boat on the water is prohibited. All craft must be self-propelled – no engines are allowed. Canoes and paddle vessels designed to be paddled (not powered by motor) are permitted.

  6. OTHER. During competition contestants may not obtain or receive assistance including but not limited to following a non-competitor’s boat, the placing of markers by a non-competitor, being towed or riding motorized vessels, being paddled or propelled by a non-contestant, or receiving electronic, voice, or data communications from non-competitors.

  7. Entrants must bring the storage chip from their camera to check-in or bring the download cable for their camera so that pictures may be retrieved. Phones are not recommended, but allowed as long as the image is clear. Cameras may be shared – in the event of camera sharing both entrants’ kayaks at launch must be initially on the roll, and each entrant will use a different unique scoring token as directed at the captains meeting, both in the launch picture and the fish scoring pictures. In the scoring fish pictures the appropriate entrant’s kayak must also be in the picture.

  8. TANDEMS/SHARING. It is permissible for more than one entrant to share the same paddle vessel. Each paddler must be a registered participant and is scored separately. Fish may NEVER be shared among entrants. If more than one person is in a tandem both must be registered anglers – use of an extra person strictly as a paddler/motor is forbidden.


This is a charity event. No unsportsmanlike, unlawful or hostile personalities will be tolerated. The tournament directors reserve the right to impose penalties upon any entrant whose behavior is deemed to be in conflict with the values and spirit of the event.

2023 Tournament Results

We thank you for another successful year! We'll see you again in 2024.

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